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Chair Massage

Are Your Employees


Chair massage provides hard-working employees with a convenient method of alleviating the stress inherent in these competitive times. Slouching at a desk for prolonged periods often results in lower back pain. A ten to twenty minute stress-buster massage relieves tension in neck, back, and shoulder muscles, reducing irritability and increasing productivity


Chair massage is performed in the work place.Your employees will be seated upright on a special massage chair and will remain fully clothed. The chair is lightweight and portable, enabling it to be set up in virtually any office or break room.

Techniques Used

Chair massage utilizes acupressure and Swedish massage to relieve tension. Though beginning at a slower pace, the work moves a little faster as the practitioner proceeds. The session ends with quick, revitalizing strokes in order to bring the client back to a state of full consciousness.

Employee Reward

Reward the winning department of a team competition to a fifteen-minute massage. After a stressful and demanding project, contract for a day of chair massage to show your appreciation for a job well done, or substitute a congratulations in the office newsletter after a strong fiscal quarter with a sign-up in the break room for a complimentary chair massage.


For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact me at:


(802) 922 6123

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